Ponderings of life

This morning I am thinking about God and His ways. I am thinking about mankind and what it means to live on the earth, how short our lifetime is. As odd as it seems, ever since I was a child, this sense or fear of knowing that as each generation dies, in time, nobody remembers who they were. I wonder about all the people who had amazing gifts, singing, writing, painting etc that never left an impression beyond their immediate surroundings. They existed. They were loved. Their unique facial expressions, their thoughts, their knowledge are all gone. I remember reading a quote someone said about how with each person that dies, a library is gone. Each person has a unique set of knowledge, life experiences, skills. When we study history, we learn of various famous names that have been remembered for various reasons, it is always shocking when you see a portrait of them. Somehow, the image in my mind doesn’t match the reality of the picture. Time distorts things over time. History is re-written, memories fade. Eventually, those with first hand knowledge die, and all that they knew is lost to us.

I always found this to be sad. I look at grave yards and wonder about those names you see engraved in the stones. I wonder what was their life like, who did they love, who loved them, what did they look like? Does this sound morose? Yet it is a cycle that we will continue to repeat, we live, we love, we experience, we die. What was so important to us, will not be important to future generations. They will have their own priorities, their own passions. Each generation having their unique time on the earth to make an impact in some way for their future generations. For most of us, the footprint of being on the earth will be swept away. However!!

What I was realizing this morning, is while the earthly things will fade, our memories, our laughter, our loves, our passions with the next generation, it is all documented. In heaven, there is an accounting of all that we have done. God remembers. God remembers all the times we were loving, compassionate. He remembers our voices, our gifts. He remembers all the details of each of our lives. In my mind’s eye, I see a garden that He has planted. In it are the wonders of the gifts of each of us that were uniquely ours, that he wove to create as we lived in the perfect timing he designated for us on earth. Nothing that God has created is lost. It still exists with him. Just as we enjoy our memories of special times in our lives, I believe that God enjoys those memories even now. He tells us that we are IN him, and He is in US. So when our earthly bodies give out, our spirits continue to exist, but with Him. There in heaven He welcomes us back, allowing us to contribute to the beauty of his kingdom, interweaving our personalities and loves. There, there is no suffering, only beauty. Perfect love surrounds all as the multi generations are united and share of their own experiences on earth. I wonder what it is like to have all the generations come together. Is it kind of like a puzzle we put together, only instead of pieces, it’s the generations that are woven together to create something special and whole for heaven?

When I think of the incredible people that I have loved and known that have died, I am comforted to know they are in heaven where God celebrates their lives. He remembers who they were on the earth, their contributions to mankind, their sacrifices and their love expressed to others. Because He is outside of time; He is able to enjoy all aspects of His creations. He enjoys the anticipation of each person coming to the earth. God spent unimaginable time planing each person. His thoughts of each of us are more than the sands of the earth. He has woven aspects of each person into the designated time for their lives on earth. I imagine this is much like we anticipate the joy of giving a special gift to someone we love. I believe that God perceives each life as a gift to mankind. When that time on earth is finished, and for those who chose Jesus, the joyous welcome in heaven. When each person arrives, God enjoys the ultimate family reunion with his sons and daughters. How amazing it must be to be welcomed back to heaven and hear, ” Well done!”