Are you ready?

This is a monumental day for this country. Today is Election Day. Either Evil or God will prevail. The battle is on. The direction of this nation will be determined. The change may not be right away, but the changes are coming. Those who hate this country want to transform and overthrow the constitution. If they should win, all that we know will change. Our society would become one of political correctness determined by a minority. Taxes would escalate and the ability to own your home would be gone. The economy would be destroyed, people would live in fear. Masks and cowering in the face of intimidation would become the norm. Freedom would be gone. Your very thoughts and words would be monitored and subject to brain washing. Access to truth, information gone. You would be fed the lies and propaganda the elite determine you should “know”.

Should God’s agenda win, which I believe it will, then life as you know it will also change. For many, they have believed that life as we knew it before Covid, would be restored. Yet, this morning as I was in prayer, God ask/proclaimed to me, “Are you Ready?” What He showed me is that with the revival that Christians have been praying for, that the level of Holiness is going to go up. What we could slide by with walking on the edge of sin, marginally maintaining our Christian values, will no longer be acceptable. It’s all in or out. No more blurring the lines. You can’t proclaim to believe and live one way, and secretly live another.

I confess that I am not really ready. I know that I have allowed things to take precedence in my life over my time with him. I find excuses to do the busy things rather than just sit with him. I make excuses for decisions justifying my actions. I rely on his grace and forgiveness. Yet, with the turning of this nation towards God, the expectations that God has on us will not be denied. He once told me to follow him would cost me everything.

So I repeat the question to you. Are you ready? Are you ready for your life to change? Are you ready for the demands on your time to be changed? Are you ready to lay down your plans, your wants? Regardless of the direction of the election, this question is still valid. Either you will be forced to lay down your personal preferences and choices by the enemy as you are forced to comply with his intentions for this nation. Or you can choose to lay down your life and follow after God and his purposes and plans. The first would be painful, the second, God will give you grace to do and enrich your life as a reward.

Like never before, your choice matters. This day you choose who you will follow. You determine your future today. Will you comply with the manipulation and lies of the enemy to trick you out of your inheritance and promises or will you boldly choose to follow God’s plan for this nation and your life?

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  1. So true Julie! The media and the left have led so many Americans astray with their lies and propaganda. I pray that today there will be a lifting of the veil of deceit from people’s eyes and that there will be a landslide victory for President Trump and the great American way of life. I also agree with you that there’s revival happening, and the appointment of ACB to the Supreme Court is a key in making our country a more Godly nation!!! May God bless America today with the election, and always!

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