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Colossians 2:3 The discovery of Who God really is, His character and His personality is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

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Ponderings of life
This morning I am thinking about God and His ways. I am thinking about mankind and what it means to live on the earth, how short our lifetime is. As odd as it seems, ever since …
God’s Presence
Have you ever experienced the presence of God? This morning I am thinking about all the amazing experiences I have had with God in my life time. I had a conversation with a friend a couple …
The Mystery
This morning I am contemplating the mystery of why satan thought he could kill the son of God. This is a true mystery. He knew who God was. He had spent untold years serving the Father, …
Spiritual walls
I wanted to share and address a topic you don't hear much about. For many this may seems strange and a stretch for you to understand. Unfortunately the modern church today has neglected to teach about …

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