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Colossians 2:3 The discovery of Who God really is, His character and His personality is a journey that lasts a lifetime.

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Life is interesting. We tend to take it for granted. We assume we have tomorrow. It isn't until we loose someone we love, or possibly have to deal with an illness, or notice the aging of …
The lines are drawn
This morning I woke early. My brain wouldn't shut off. My thoughts were furious, discouraged, and even hopeless about what is going on in the world today. I see so much wrong and can't help but …
Twists and turns
The journey of faith is not a straight smooth path. There are many twists and turns as you go forward in life. Just as life in general is full of mystery, and the unknowns, adding the …
Life goes on
It has been a month since Mom died. Memories haunt me. I determined prior to her dying that I would have no regrets, yet some how I still do. Choices we make, second guessing, I think …

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