God is personal

This morning I am thinking about God and His faithfulness. Have you considered just how personal He is? The world is full of people, millions. Yet God is aware of each and every one of us. He draws close to each of us when we are in distress. When we have no other place to go for comfort, He is intimately aware of what our needs are. Not just the physical needs, the practical needs but our emotional and spiritual needs as well.

I am guilty of getting caught up in the details of every day life. Many times I feel the buffeting of life pulling me in many directions at the same time. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize things. I have been guilty of drawing away from Him thinking, I don’t have time to spend with Him because so many other things are competing for my attention. I know I am not alone in this. We forget that our source of strength and peace is in Him.

When Life gets crazy, I find myself wondering how things got to that point. I find myself wondering how I had drifted so far from God. Understand please, I am always talking to Him thought out the day. That isn’t the same as taking the time to make Him my priority. Sometimes, and lately more often then I want to admit, I struggle with even wanting to take the time to just sit at His feet. I get frustrated when He doesn’t immediately join with me as soon as I decide to sit with him. I find myself getting restless and distracted. I too quickly abandon the effort. Then I wonder why it is so hard, why He makes me work to enter into his presence.

The reality is God wants to know we want to be with Him. Will we put in the time? Will we chase after Him? I am always amazed that when I do just sit to worship, and listen, that God is faithful to draw close. I rejoice in his presence and love. I am reminded of all the times He has been my support, comfort and strength. I then wonder why I resisted doing this more often. No matter how many times I have resisted taking the time for God, He is always ready to be with me. He showers me with his Love, and forgiveness. I am amazed by his patience with me and the intimacy of our interaction.

God wants that intimacy with each of us. He has a special relationship for each of us, not just a blanket one size fits all interaction. He does wondrous things in different people. Often I wish I could have the kind of relationship with God that different people I know have, yet that is THEIR relationship. Mine is different as is yours. Just as your relationships with your parents are different than your siblings, so it is with God. He interacts with each of us based on who we actually are and his specific love that he has for each of us.

Please know that God loves you just as you are. He isn’t looking to find fault with you. No matter what you have done, or thought, God has always known you. He knew what you would do, how you would think. He made provisions for that when He made you. Jesus came to reconcile you with God because of the great love that God has for you. Trust Him. Take the time to stop and just get to know God. Sit at his feet and let Him show you his love. It is just for you. Intimacy with you is God’s goal.