Mantles and DNA

Last night during worship, I believe God spoke to me about Mantles. For those who don’t know what a mantle is, it is a calling or purpose that God has given you and anointed you to accomplish. What I believe He was showing me is that He has built callings and purposes right into our DNA.

I believe there are two different things he was showing me about anointing’s. First he brought me to Samuel who anointed two kings for Israel. In both cases, neither man was expecting this call or anointing in their lives. Both started out Humble! In the case of Saul, he even said who am I but a son of Benjamin. He viewed himself as the lowly of lowly. Yet there was something about him that drew God to him. Unfortunately as time went on, Saul allowed pride and lack of confidence to take over his reign and no longer depend on God. We all know what happens, God lifted the anointing and gave it to David. David had a history with God. He had been through trials and learned to depend on God. So when he was anointed, he waited on God. God sent him into a wilderness experience where he learned to be a leader. He relied on God throughout his reign. This doesn’t mean he was perfect, but when he made mistakes he went to God and asked for His forgiveness. So lesson one is that all anointing’s and calls are from God. It isn’t a good idea to take credit for what He has given us.

Second point I believe God showed me is this. We all have long family lines. There are anointing’s or mantles that God has given to family lines. When you look back on your family history, you may see certain gifts that prevail in the family. Entrepreneurship, or artist, possibly writing. These gifts can be prophetic, or an evangelistic. You see it pop up in different generations. Some generations don’t do anything with it. Others flow consistently with the gifts in the family.

I believe what God showed me is that these mantles/gifts are written in our very DNA. For many, they aren’t even aware of it. I believe these mantles have been hidden for a reason and I believe that God has a timing for them. I felt that God was saying It’s time to Unlock these mantles. These mantles have been protected and hidden but as there is a time and season for all things, I believe this is the season for the hidden mantles to emerge. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly become aware of being able to do things you have never done before or have an interest in learning about something new. Things are changing in our world and God needs his People to take a stand for His Kingdom.

To summarize what I have said, God has written callings and gifts into our very DNA. They are a part of the building blocks of who we are. For many these gifts have been tucked away and hidden waiting for the right time to emerge. When these gifts are released it’s important to recognize and give God the credit for what He is doing in and through you.