Tentative Rose – Poem

Tentative Rose

Beauty, complex, intense, subtle
Mystery contained
Self-contained, oblivious to the world outside.
Inner core hidden from prying eyes.
Vulnerable, fragile, delicate interior
That is what we are
Hidden deep inside we hold our precious secrets.
Inner thoughts not communicated, not shared.
Self-contained is what we are. Oblivious to the world outside.
Slowly, ever so slowly, a petal ventures out.
Then another, and another.
Slowly, we share ourselves with others, the outer self,
Tentatively testing the environment.
Is it safe? Can I trust where I am planted?
Slowly we gain confidence, we open up more
Our beauty begins to shine.
Where once there was beauty promised,
Now it unfolds. Gaining momentum.
Where once it was tentative and slow,
Now it expands and unfolds.
More petals, more layers, its full beauty is exposed.
the fragrance is released.
The sweet fragrance which captivates and draws others in
Letting others draw deeply of the promise that was within,
Now apparent to all who will see
Trusting and allowing the promise to fulfill
Delighting and bringing pleasure to all